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Bulbs can be used in many ways throughout the garden, whether you plant tulips and alliums ‘en masse’ to provide a vibrant display, or scatter crocuses and snowdrops into the lawn to indicate the first signs of spring. Here are a few tips when buying or planting bulbs.


  • Purchase bulbs from a reliable supplier and aim to plant within a week of buying them.
  • Try to pick bulbs suitable for the location. Most bulbs prefer sunny locations with good drainage, although woodland bulbs such as bluebells and snowdrops can tolerate damper conditions.
  • Plant spring bulbs from October to December, leaving tender summer bulbs until early spring.
  • If you are planting a formal border keep to a maximum of three colours for the best effect.
  • Plant bulbs approximately two-three times deeper than the length of the bulb.
  • For a naturalised look in the lawn, release a handful of bulbs from waist height and plant each one where it lands. Use a bulb planter to dig out a plug and place the bulb in, crumbling the plug back in place.
  • Feed the bulbs with a high-potassium fertiliser, from when the shoots first appear until the flower dies back. This will help to provide a good display the following year.
  • To brighten up a dull corner, plant a container of your favourite bulb – a more showy variety often looks best. You can ensure good drainage by adding horticultural grit to the compost.


We now have a selection of spring bulbs in store for your selection – feel free to pop into Chestnut Nursery to take a look!