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With summer well underway, it is the ideal time of year to add flowering plants to the garden for that extra splash of colour, attracting beneficial insects in the process. A great, adaptable option would be lavender, with plenty of varieties to choose from and guaranteed flowering throughout the summer.

COMBINE … with rosemary, thyme, sage and mint amongst others to develop your own herb garden.

CREATE … a prairie-style or Mediterranean garden with tall, floaty grasses, architectural phormiums or euphorbias and ground-covering sedums.

EDGE … your pathways with a row of lavender to form an attractive, scented low-growing hedge. Planting in swathes will attract more bumblebees and the like.

CHOOSE … complementary colours to make an attractive mixed border. Purple-flowering plants work well with the silver foliage of others, or perhaps try gold and yellow flowers of other plants to provide the perfect contrast. Planting with pinks and whites will give a calmer, more relaxed colour scheme.

There’s lots of options available for using lavender in the garden, why not give it a go? Feel free to pop into Chestnut for any further advice or inspiration.

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The Chestnut Nursery team
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