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Mon- Fri: 8 - 4

Saturdays: 10 - 4pm March to November
10 - 3pm November to Christmas

Sundays: 10-3pm March to September

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 554530_630683116957232_1295430478_nThe nursery comes to life as all the workers start to arrive, by bicycle, bus, car or on foot. The day begins with a hot drink and everyone catches up with each others’ news.

Depending on the weather and season, different types of work get underway. This may be horticultural tasks, maintenance work, dealing with customers, there is always work to be done. There are deliveries to make, stock to be brought over from our sister nursery, Cherry Tree. There are usually a wide variety of people coming in, customers, people with queries and wanting information, visiting health professionals, students spending the day experiencing the nursery.

In the winter there is always painting and repairs going on, bagging logs to sell and making Christmas wreaths. In the summer it is mainly plant work, sowing seeds, potting on, pruning, grading, office work, and of course, weeding. The retail area requires restocking, the plants dead heading, new stock pricing along with serving customers, giving advice and manning the shop!image

Volunteers may be attending a Management Meeting, or organising a fundraising event, making telephone calls for raffle prizes or printing promotional leaflets and posters.

Some volunteers will be making hand painted signs and cards, others may be delivering leaflets. Letters are being typed, the bookkeeper is adding up figures, another person is stocking up the every day supplies. Another will be going to do the banking.

The day passes quickly, and before too long we are closing the gates, tired after another busy day at Chestnut Nursery.