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So here we are in 2016 ready and raring for another exciting growing season, and with the excesses of Christmas behind us, how fitting to take a look at some plants we can all grow that detox and revitalise.  Many of the more unusual plants that make luxurious garden specimens also have invigorating properties. Here are just a few suggestions from the large range of evergreen plants we currently grow.

Chilean Guava Berry (Ugni molinae) a hardy, 1.5m (5ft), evergreen myrtle from Chile that makes an excellent specimen or hedge. Fragrant pale pink flowers produce attractive red berries, favoured by Queen Victoria; they are a super food high in anti-oxidants.

Manuka (Leptospermum ‘Coral Candy’) the main ingredient in Manuka honey has an arching habit of aromatic foliage and masses of, baby rose like, double pink flowers. Related to Tea Tree a few sprigs in a bowl of hot water produces a decongesting inhalation.

Pineapple Guava (Acca sellowiana) has handsome grey foliage with striking red flowers and perfumed edible fruit. A high concentration of Vitamin C, B-6 and fibre makes for a healthy tasty treat.

Alpine Mint Bush (Prostanthera cuneata) with orchid-like white yellow/purple flowers on deeply fragrant foliage. Used by indigenous Australians for pain relief and as an antiseptic.

It’s now an excellent time to start planning your garden for the forthcoming season, so what better way to start the year, than planting a medicinal specimen. Here’s to a healthy, happy year from all at Chestnut Nursery.

Written by Andrew Verreck, Horticultural Supervisor.

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